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 The Herald (21/12/05)

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PostSubject: The Herald (21/12/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:38


Good Morning! Today is, Wednesday December 21st, 1453
Edition IX


New Council!

1. "The Imperial Senate" (IS/IA) : 42.6%
2. "The Organisation for the Prosperity of England" (OPE) : 20.9%
3. "Citizens Union of Sussex" (CUS) : 20.5%
4. "Cute Chicks in Control Party" (CCCP) : 16.1%

The Council
Zymurge (Sheriff)
Anto_Capone (Spokesman)
Baiboe (Count)
Teignat (Trade Minister)
HaraldJarl (Constable)
Ecthelion (Sergeant)
Dame_vaness (Public Prosecutor)
Nordicnorn (Judge)
Sadowa (Captain)

Baiboe - 8-4.

by Staff

Darmor Reveals Himself

When Darmor joined the Imperial Senate he did so with one reason: To infiltrate what he regarded as a dangerous organization. He fooled the leaders of the Imperial Senate into giving him prestigious positions inside that organization and the second selection on their council candidate list. This assured him of gaining a seat on the council and allowing him for one final act of treachery. In an interview and publically, Darmor reveals some dark secrets regarding the Imperial Senate and their motives regarding Sussex. In the public discussion of these enlightenments, Darmor influenced several members of the Imperial Army (the organization that has little or no say in the political process of the Imperial Senate) to leave the organization.

Said Marthin:

"When I first came to the game, I was new like everyone else. I was looking for some leadership, for alot of things in this game was totally different. So I joined the Imperial Army. Things went nice for a while, but here lately, things were just too off hand for me. I'm a very peaceful person and I'm very passive. When the elections started, it got even worse. It was so hostile, and I didn't want to be in anymore. I have some friends in CUS and OPE and CCCP, and when the elections started, it was as if everyone was against them no matter what. I still wanted to stay friends with them, but it seemed like all the hostilities were going to spread into action, and I wouldn't get my chance. So I thought about it for a couple of days, and I finally came to the conclusions that I was going to become neautral. That way I could still hold my friends."

"FIRST: I left the IA for personal reasons not for any 'political' reasons ( I got less time to log on to the internet so i thought that i would be of no use if i only logged on for 10 min per day, the only time i've got available is to feed my character and get a job, until now i have free time but after 1 week i won't)
SECOND: I left IA/IS because i didn't wish to be involved in any political party anymore, i will be just independent and will not join any political party."

And Thelastdhali:
"My business is my own. But if you must, currently I am not an officer, nor soldier of the IA."

by Whit


Revolt In Dover

On the night of the 15 of December, the newest town in Sussex was attacked by rebels. The rebels picked the perfect time to attack, because the former Mayor of Dover, Dragonflame, was in hospital. This left the town almost unguarded, and the rebels were able to take control of Dover. The rebellion ended with Saruvac becoming mayor of Dover.

After the rebellion, Dover councilmember Everett was the first to raise the alarm both. He and the rest of the council helped to organize an attempt to save the town. The evening of the 16th, a large and angry group of Doverians attacked Saruvac, and removed form the Town Hall. The band of at least 18 Doverians allowed Lord Canibal of Marlborough.

Lord Canibal has since named Darmor to the new post of Associate Mayor. Many Doverians had hoped that such a position would go to Dragonflame, because he was the elected Mayor of Dover. Despite this, many in Dover seam willing to give Canibal a chance to prove himself as Mayor of Dover.

by drrino


A new settlement - Canterbury

Another new town has emerged! "Canterbury is to the east of Sevenoaks and to the north of Dover. This town is a colony, meaning that you can move there without losing your fields or your home!" A gold mine has been found closeby, as well as a lake for fishing.

by Whit


Marl elections, Lewes elections

The outcomes of two elections have been anounced, one of which required run-offs. In Marlboro, Ecthelion has been elected mayor after defeating ChristShep 68% to 32% in a run off election. In Lewes Emunah won the mayor's seat by defeating Luciferic 75.9% to 24.1%. Congratulations to both men, and good luck.

by Staff


The Race is on!

Southamptonís mayoral election, now in progress, is beginning to heat up. After a slow start with only Noisekick89 posting his candidacy, the election has picked up with TonyRC making another bid for mayor, and another new candidate, THEDUKE$$$. Dragstar has also announced another run for mayor, though voting has already begun. One more newcomer has thrown his hat into the ring with TheSnowMan announcing his campaign.

Outgoing mayor Lorudce announced he was stepping aside in an exclusive interview with The Herald:

Quote :
I have been privileged to serve as mayor this month. I have felt honored to follow Aflac and aid in the transition from our long time friend and mayor. I have learned much about the economics of the town and county by my experience in the mayorís office. I wish thank TheSnowMan for his tireless efforts in keeping track of our citizens by monitoring those active and those inactive, it has truly helped in recommending new fields to people. I also thank TonyRC for sharing his ideas about overproduction

One thing which I had not anticipated is the complications of the political scene. The last county election as well as pressures from within our town have left me not wishing to be as involved in politics at this time. I wish to return to my first love of writing for The Herald and mentoring the new citizens of Southampton. I am even contemplating entering service with the church here in Southampton when that option becomes available. I am open to helping the new mayor, our town, and our county in any way I can. Thank you my friends and neighbors.

With the open seat, the candidates are now actively campaigning.

Noisekick89, has announced his candidacy made the following statement.
Quote :

I think I\'m the right man to be elected. I want to make our Southampton rich and attractive to other people no matter what level. I also want the prices of the town hall cheaper so we can all have the things we wanna have for a normal price.

Alone we\'re nothing, Together we\'re everything.

So peace ofcourse is very important too. Nomatter what happens we dont want rebels and people like that.

Vote For Peace,Money And Your Southampton!

THEDUKE$$ offers this in his announcement:
Quote :

i willput regular pizes up for people thet i will pick up random and i will
help economics go up and we can strive to be the best town in renaisance kingdomsand i will make live good for all levels from people living in dwellings to people living in mansions craftsmen farmers every one

While TonyRc renewed his bid for mayor by announcing this platform:
Quote :

I listened to your needs, all of us. I selected the most important of each level:
For Craftsmen: To find issue about them production
For Farmers / Level 3: To have the highest profit
For inexperienced citizens: Low prices

The city hall have to buy between 19 to 20 pounds to find our fishes in them market at 22 to 23 pounds
I will decide that the city hall will buy bread loaves, and do subventions with the fishing profit and others. So, I will propose Bread loaves at 6,99 pounds.
I will promote carpenters activities to assistance my fishing policy.

One Problem: the overproduction. I will work with Dover City Hall to aid them and to develop them town hall market. Donít hesitate to ask the mayor to find a solution about your financial problems, we can find an agreement, I am sure. I will export our surplus and import our needs by two ways: The Duchy and Traders.

A solve problem: New sea way. I will ask Normandy and Sussex Counts and Traders Minister of the both region to supply our Kings to open a new trade way. So, via Southampton we will become the first Port of England. You will export our goods easily and become friendly. Then, Southampton and England will be the first Trader of this European world.

Social Aspect of life:

As OPE traditions: I will support all inexperienced citizens and give to them assistances, answers about them question and I will nominate immediately: 1 Sheriff of Southampton, 3 agents (one / level), and 1 agent / guild to assist inexperienced citizens in them choice and discuss about the economic situation.

I will employ at 16 pounds as policemen/ (women) inexperienced citizens. I will write a letter every week and to do a weekly meeting in a tavern, to answer your questions. Moreover, the first goal is to bring people in tavern to exchange trust point with inexperienced citizens and to sponsor them with an experienced players. The second goal is to have fun in tavern and to solve problems together because your decisions are important in our beautiful town. So, if taverns are full, tavernís owner will decrease those prices.

Since December, we can have a parish. I will influence bishop to create the first parish in Southampton. I will ask our King to nominate a new priest for Southampton. Together, we will build, the highest, the marvellous Church of England, because you are important for Southampton and for England. So, we can go on the mess two time / week, rather than one. We will be cleaning by our sins.

Justice and security:

Our town have to be secure from attacks and criminals, my counsel will work in hands with the new Judge. It will persecute all future criminal in Southampton, and push back all invasions that comes form to the sea. Because your life is precious to the England, the mayor council will ask our Sheriff to put a permanent soldier group to protect Southamptonís population. So, you could live peacefully in our town.

A latecomer to this race is Dragonstar. Dragonstar, owner of The Dragon's Den Tavern in Southampton is making his second bid for mayor. He offers this platform in his announcement.
Quote :

my name is dragonstar i am running for mayor i am the voice of the people if you want to make our town more prosperous and beable to have an efect on how our town should be run then vote for me......

a vote for me is a vote for wealth and Prosperity..

TheSnowMan also has asked for the vote of the citizens of Southampton. He announced this platform.

Quote :
I have been in this Great town of Southampton for almost three months and have gained a great deal of knowledge from the good citizens of Southampton and our Mayors Aflac and Lorudce which I will use to make our great town even greater. I am a Fisherman and a Farmer. I am a member of the UCPG, SFGE and CUS which means that Iíll be able to keep you the citizens of Southampton better informed on policies and economics of this Great town of ours.

1. I will not levy taxes. I believe that Taxes only create a problem in your eyes and the money that you spend in taxes only profits others not you.
2. Fishing is our chief commodity with it we can fund the townís needs.
3. I will work with the Guilds to set fair prices for all products produced.

1. I will encourage all citizens to help and mentor our new citizens because without them we have a hard time functioning as do they.
2. I will encourage all citizens to visit the forums. The forums are knowledge that helps make this town great.
3. I will have an Open Door Policy. If you have question or suggestions I will listen and try to answer all to the best of my ability and knowledge.

I pledge to firmly and fairly uphold the laws of Sussex. Where laws need to be amended, I will represent you to the council and recommend changes. Where new laws need to be written I will propose them to the council.

I plan to work with the Sheriff to build a permanent force to keep the citizens of Southampton safe form invasion and criminal activity.

With all of your help I believe that we can make Southampton a strong and enterprising town.

This promises to be a good election with a meeting of the minds. Southampton is known for being involved politically and we expect a good clean race from each candidate. Continue reading The Herald and we will keep you up to date on all the news.

by Staff


by Baiboe
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Number of posts : 433
Registration date : 2005-11-12

PostSubject: Re: The Herald (21/12/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:38


Full interview with Darmor
Whit: 1. Why come out now? Why not come out during election time? Or possibly in a few weeks? Why just after the election?

Darmor: Coming forward now was the result of my vote for Baiboe for Count, a measure of insurance that even if Baiboe managed to bribe a couple of the other Councilors, he would still be unable to make Count.

Darmor: scratch, I mean even if Pathus managed to bribe...

Whit: So coming out now, was because your hand was forced due to your voting for Baiboe? how did the vote for count fall?

Darmor: 8 in favor of Baiboe, 4 in favor of Pathus.

Whit: I see. So, Pathus didn't receive any votes from rival groups?

Darmor: No, in the end it was a wasted gesture on my part. Better safe than sorry, though.

Whit: So, how do you answer your critics on all sides that suggest your credibility is severely lacking because of your recent treachery of IS?

Darmor: I'd say that very little of what I've said is necessary. A lot of IS' actions speak for themselves. What I offer is a glimpse into a significantly darker aspect that they are incredibly afraid of people finding out before they've monopolized power in Sussex.

Whit: Did you suspect them of malice before you joined them? Or was this your plan all along?

Darmor: Oh, of course. Pathus had "Evil Dictator" written all over him.

Darmor: His avatar (Sith Lord) was a stunningly accurate portrayal of his inner state.

Whit: Why wouldn't you suspect that you actually helped IS' gain political momentum during your stay with them? And now there is little you can do to stop their popularity? In other words, do you really think this infiltration plan was the best course of action for you? Why not just "fight the good fight" as a member of CUS, or some other organization (or even independent)?

Darmor: I feel that the organizational structure of IS lends itself to very potent recruitment and retention techniques. My worry was that they would grow to be a Superparty, and attain dominance in that way. From the inside, I believe I was able to weaken the perception of outsiders of IS, and prevent them from building coalitions with other parties on false pretenses.

Darmor: As a member on the outside, I would have been unable to steer internal policy or "represent" the Imperial Senate to the other parties and citizens of Sussex.

Darmor: It's no secret that for a good while I have been despised on the Forums as a brash [edit]hole, and I feel that perception carried over to IS in the minds of others.

Darmor: The metaphor here is one of leaping into a snake's mouth such that it chokes on you.

Whit: From a PR standpoint, do you think you possibly helped IS, by allowing Pathus to now play the role of a victim. Perpetrated by a cunning and devious person such as yourself? (those words are merely a prediction of coming inevitable conversation, not necessarily my opinion of you)

Darmor: Well, certainly the Imperial Senate will attempt to spin it that way. Do I think they have any sort of legitimacy with Sussex now? No. Do I think they have legitimacy within their own Army now? I doubt it. Members of the Army have already removed their signature lines -- I feel they're resigning.

Darmor: Thelastdhali personally told me he'd resigned.

Darmor: After running on their Council bid.

Darmor: Do I think I've stabbed the dragon the eye? Absolutely.

Whit: Anyway......"Thelastdhali personally told me he'd resigned." I was about to get into this - In light of the recent events - how many IS members and how many IA members have a) empathized with you, but not left their organization b) Left their organization, but remain quiet on the issue.

Darmor: IS members? None. Zymurge knows the nature of the beast he serves, and I think he's strong enough in character not to go along with anything as severe as the others wish to accomplish. I think he'd sooner leave than hurt Sussex.

Whit: also c) How many (and whom, if you will name them) members in IS or IA do you think are good people, being manipulated by Pathus, etc? Anyone in the leadership? Like Zymurge, Lokdar? Lord Jones, etc?

Darmor: IA members? I've gotten support from them. I think this will end the era of IA members shrugging and saying "But the Senate makes those decisions, we don't need to know about it."

Darmor: Marthin has left IA. Caesar3's IA signature is gone. There are others, but I'm not gonna look through the Forum right now to find them.

Darmor: 100% of IS/IA members owe technical loyalty to Pathus.

Darmor: Dhali insisted before leaving that he would never obey an order that violated his morality.

Darmor: Which shows his character -- he's a fine person, who just happened to join a ridiculously evil party.

Darmor: But when Thelastdhali found out that he was an active member of IS/IA at the same time the Trontor Scandal was being executed by Pathus and Company, he opted to resign.

Whit: So, it's accurate to say the leadership of IS is all behind Pathus at current? With a handful of notable IA members stepping down, like TLD and Marthin?

Darmor: Zymurge and Lokdar still stand behind Pathus.

Darmor: That's pretty much the Senate. :-)

Darmor: Lord_Jones is inactive, Brehon is inactive.

Darmor: The IA is duped into thinking the Senate isn't just a few people frantically pulling strings.

Whit: Please expound upon this statement:

Whit: Strengthening members of the Imperial Army by using County and Town resources to selectively make them more powerful than those who do not join IS/IA

Darmor: Remember the "loan program" the Council had discussed some time ago to make Level 1 character into Level 2 characters more quickly?

Whit: yes......

Darmor: Turn that into a "grant program," and make it specific to IS/IA members.

Darmor: And tack on weaponbuilding.

Whit: So you say IS mayors gave IS/IA money, without the intention of getting it back?

Darmor: Oh, no no no. Don't get me wrong. I cannot support THAT claim. My claim is that the plans were there to do it after claiming the Council and taking over all the county's towns.

Darmor: Although Pathus does gain money suspiciously quickly...

Darmor: He was almost as financially strong as me when I was a Level 3, as a Level 1...

Darmor: It does raise the question of whether something illicit has already happened.

Whit: I see, so this was just a plan when IS gained domination in the council? I assumed you meant IS mayors had already done this.

Darmor: My apologies. There's no hard evidence for it being done in the past.

Whit: Got any predictions on the next council lineup? Smile

Darmor: Yep.

Darmor: Baiboe - Count, Lady Vaness - Public Prosecutor, Nordicnorn - Judge, Darmor - Spokesman, Zymurge - Sheriff, Teignat - Trade Minister

Darmor: That's 6 of 9...

Darmor: I'm unsure about Sergeant and Constable.

Darmor: I'd suspect Jarl will be in one of those two.

Darmor: As he is absolutely incorruptible.

Whit: Captain?

Darmor: The Captain doesn't do anything. :-p

Whit: Could be a big role this upcoming term........

Darmor: They could give Pathus Captain until any changes are implemented (which LJS will warn the Council of), and it wouldn't make a bit of difference.

Whit: I see. So most likely they'd just improvise when major announcements happens with regards to Captain?

Darmor: I dunno, I guess.

Darmor: Maybe Sadowa will take it.

Whit: What political affiliation do you see yourself most gravitating towards? Have you had any offers to join any political parties?

Darmor: Nope. I think I'll decline any I get too.

Darmor: I'm really much more interested in sitting in Dover Park and
reading Aristotle, attending Council meetings to vote and plan policy, and relating the Council's actions to the public.

Whit: Why?

Darmor: Ideal Council: No parties. :-)

Darmor: I'm not going to add to the Realistic Council by furthering party agendas at this vitriolic point.

Darmor: I'm not Spokesman. Anto_Capone is.

Whit: Right....... Anyway, did the election go as planned? Did you suspect IS to gain more votes? Less? Any other surprises?

Darmor: Everything else is as I said, and Sadowa is indeed Captain.

Darmor: I thought IS would weigh in at about 6. They got 5, so I wasn't far off.

Darmor: My maneuver lessened it to 4.

Whit: Pathus claims IS/IA numbers at 80+ at last count. Is this accurate?

Darmor: Fiction.

Darmor: As far as active members (and by active I mean those having accrued "merit" within the IA's ranking system), there are about 10 or 12.

Darmor: As far as inactive members, he may have upwards of... 25, 30?

Whit: So, where does this 80+ number come from?

Darmor: There are 88 joined accounts on the forum.

Darmor: Of those, 26 have never made a single post.

Darmor: Baiboe has made more posts on IS' forums than 47 of the "joined accounts" on IS' forum.

Darmor: And he's only made 8.

Darmor: So *at least* over half are inactive.

Whit: got anything you wish to add at this time?)

Darmor: Um... I seriously hope that the citizens of Sussex realize how
dangerous the ideals the IS/IA represents are. Additionally, I'd urge them not to panic. Lordships and clones allowed IS/IA to gain 5 out of 12 Council seats, but this number is an illusion.

Darmor: The real power the IS has currently is the ability to disrupt County functions by moving all its members into towns and rebelling.

Darmor: A plan was proposed in the IA's chambers yesterday to move a large portion of IA to a single town and begin demonstrations at the Town Hall to start raising Politics Points which can be used in the future to rebel for free.

Darmor: I urge all Imperial Army members to recognize that these actions are *not* for the betterment of Sussex, they are to fuel the megalomaniacal tendencies of a stunted, warped personality who has fabricated a Senate and Army to suit his need for imperial conquest.

Whit: Darmor - thank you for your time and candor. This concludes the first session of the interview. When I pm you again on the RK forums we will come back to this exact room for your chance to rebut anything Pathus or others will say in response to these statements.

(unfortunately, Pathus refused comment)

Followup questions:

Whit: Do you think you committed treason? Why? Why not?

Darmor: Of course not. I have not acted in any manner against the state. Treason is, by definition: "the crime of disloyalty to one's nation. A person who betrays the nation of their citizenship and/or reneges on an oath of loyalty and in some way willfully cooperates with an enemy, is considered to be a traitor."

Whit: I was asking with regards to Pathus' charge (and conviction) of treason. You were involved in the planning of that, so with regard to this, do you think you committed treason?

Darmor: I was not involved with the planning of Trontor's act of treason or with the execution of Pathus'.

Whit: Do you think you should be charged with treason? Why? Why not?

Darmor: If I had committed treason, then of course I should be charged. But I have not.

Whit: The axe issue in Marlborough, now that you have come clean about your relationship with IS - do you wish to further explain this?

Darmor: Are you referring to the matter with Trontor in Marlborough or the matter with Baiboe in Salisbury?

Whit: The Trontor matter. However, you can comment on the Baiboe/Salisbury one as well, that just seemed like you merely tried to make a bit of extra money and got lazy, though.

Darmor: There's nothing to come clean about. Despite my "involvement" with the Imperial Senate and despite my "removal" from CUS, I have *never, never, never* wielded a public function, either Trade Minister or Judge, inappropriately. Trontor was a BAD mayor, and some bad CUS policies put him in the mayoral seat in Marlborough. Desperation on IS' part recently put Dragonflame in the mayor's seat in Dover, so IS isn't immune to this. But Trontor was terrible as an elected official, and come time to be re-elected he attempted to use me as a scapegoat to retain his legitimacy.

Whit: Do you suspect IS or IA was behind any of the recent demonstrations or rebellions in Sussex?

Darmor: I have no evidence with which to discount it.

Whit: OK, but from being on the inside of IS - would you expect this?

Darmor: I would be unsurprised.

Whit: Do you suspect IS or IA to be planning uninstigated war with France?

Darmor: In their perceptions? No. I believe that if IS/IA were to provoke a war with France, they would perceive it as entirely instigated.

Whit: How about from an objective perspective?

Darmor: If you're asking if France has provoked war, I do not believe they have.

by Whit


Wedding of UrShak and Lady Ann

On Saturday December 10th Urshak and the lovely Lady Ann annouced there plans for marrige in the Church of the Old Ways. Joy spread through the church as many friend cangratulated the couple and blessed them in hopes of a wonderful future. Urshak asked Rhiannon to bind the two together and soon the wedding will take place.

by DariusFarlenz


Lokdar (Arundel) became a level 2 citizen last week, deciding to become a Carpenter.

Oblivion (Arundel) became a level 1 citizen last week, opting to start up a Corn field.

DragonFlame (Dover) changed his Vegetable farm to a Corn farm last week to help provide Corn for Dover.

Deitykiller (Arundel) became a level 1 citizen last week and decided that a Vegetable field would be the best choice for him.

Marthin (Arundel) became a level 1 citizen this week and opted to start up a Vegetable farm.

Dirtykiller (Salisbury) just bought a Corn farm.

Congratulations to them all!

If YOU want YOUR name in the paper like this, please contact Whit!


Come to Caesar's Palace, a new tavern in Canterbury, you will find fine beer and meals over there!


Southampton Fields for sale:

Fast_arrow of Southampton is selling a field for 550 pounds

corn field in a very good state

Fast_arrow of Southampton is selling a field for 600 pounds

cow ranch with 3 cows


Thank you for reading!
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The Herald (21/12/05)
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