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 The Herald (13/12/05)

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PostSubject: The Herald (13/12/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:37


Good Morning! Today is, Wednesday December 13th, 1453
Edition IX


Election Fixing in Sussex?

A new document has turned the political world upside down Thursday evening. Unfortunately due to a decree from The King, this document can not be released in full, but The Herald can confidentally say it shows leadership of the Imperial Senate planning sabatoge of a rival political organization's (the CUS) council candidate list. Their alleged plan was to persuade Trontor, a CUS member, into not confirming the list. This would cause all of CUS' candidate list to not be valid. As it happened, Trontor was initially put on CUS' candidate list and failed to confirm. CUS however did finally find a replacement for Trontor and fielded a valid list. When questioned on the record is these charges are true, Trontor would not give a specific answer, however he would agree to this statement: "...to see if anyone else see's how dangerous are political mind's have become...They're all stabing shadows and making up shadows and striking each others neighbor."

Another confidential source claims Lord Jones (Imperial Senate's third name on their council list) saying, "I also liked how they don't know our new promotion method ... where we don't have to do revolts". This appears more than coincidental, since it was close to the time Lewes was taken over by a revolt. The document speak of sabotaging other political groups in order for Pathus to gain power. Eventually the only defense The Imperial Senate employed was accusing CUS of breaking into the Imperial vault and stealing the documents. CUS claims they were given to them by Darmor. Darmor refused comment when asked by The Herald.

In response to this, the Sussex Public Prosecutor, Ecthelion has decided to press charges on Pathus. The opening statement is as reads:

"Your honor, the people of Sussex bring before you a well known member of our community, Pathus, under charges of Treason. The evidence shows that Pathus has deliberately attempted to scew the council election results so that they will not accurately represent the true opinion of the people of Sussex.

As the Laws of Sussex County state:
Whosoever shall deliberately obtain a political position to steal, sabotage, or otherwise commit treasonous acts against the King and/or the people of Sussex, shall respond for the charge of treasonous acts, and be tried by a competent tribunal.

Your honor, these acts of Pathus to remove the CUS election process are a crime against the people of Sussex, and the people demand justice."

by Staff

Mayor Sevare Wins Re-election

By a margin of sixty-five percent to thirty-five percent, mayor Sevare wins his re-election bid for mayor of Arundel and remains the only non-affiliated
mayor in Sussex. Mayor Sevare, had this to say "I have no political affiliations. My only political affiliations is myself, and the people of Arundel." and is now throwing a celebration at his new tavern The Gryphon's Roost Tavern.

by Marthin


Dugustus Dudley announces his intentions of running for Mayor of Winchester

After much consultation with the current Mayor the Esteemed Iulius Castilus. I Dugustus Dudley do forthwith announce my intentions of running for the office of Mayor of Winchester in the forthcoming election.

My intentions are simple:

Iulius has done an exemplary job as Mayor and I intend to maintain most of his policies. (If it isn't broke don't fix it).
Encourage developement of new arrivals.
Be diligent and accessable for the people of Winchester.
Promote a strong defence against enimies of Sussex and security in our town.
Promote a true Renaissance flavour to life in Winchester.

To this end I promise to:
Endeavour to maintain Winchesters respected position as a trading partner in Sussex and as a town supportive to the causes of Sussex.
Continue to develope friendships and ties to Important personages throughout Sussex in order to help with our town's needs.
Continue in my current efforts to promote tourism and personages moving to Winchester.
Continue in my current efforts to create a more vibrant town, replete with discriptions, guides, and a active forum.

Thank you Iulius and to the many supportive friends and nieghbours on Blue-Ball Hill for your kind support.

Dugustus Dudley
Militiaman and Vegtable Farmer

by Staff


by Baiboe


Mayor Dragonflame is Interviewed

Dragonflame wrote:
First of all, Mayor Dragonflame, let me congratulate you on your accomplishment of winning the first ever Dover elections!!!

Well thank you Mike, it certainly was one of my best accomplishments.

1) Did you know that you were going to win the election? If so, why were you so sure of yourself?

I had no idea if I was going to win or not, in fact I thought I was not going to win. It certainly gave a few of my supporters a Head Ache when i kept worrying :P

2) What did you do after winning the election?

Well first I tried to sort out the Finaces of Dover, I know some other's have had a far worse starting Treasury than what I had, but for me and my first Mayorship I was worried that Dover might become bankrupt within a few days. Thank fully with the intervention of severel allies I was able to recifty this. So my thanks to the Zulu Lords, the Imperial Army members and the Council :P .

3) What is the main concern you are getting from the citizens of Dover?

Well my main concern is the Finaces, Dover is still unstable but that is too be expected. The Citizens have not really mailed me with any concerns but I get traveling merchants concerns over the Market because we have a lot of everything Smile, i'm sure once they have any problems that they will mail me.

4) What is your main goal for Dover and how do you plan on obtaining that goal?

My Main goal is making Dover into a stable town for everyone but especially for the Level 0's who will nead a stable town so that they can became Level 1 and help Dover. To do this I will reach my other Goals of making the Town able to support itself and of making us a Fishing and Gold Mining Town.

5) Do you plan on implementing taxes to the citizens?

No. I do not plan to implement any taxes on the Citizens, however I cannot foretell the future and I may need to introduce taxes. With the way the Tresury is going, I may need to within the next week.

6) How do you plan on building Dover from a small blooming town to a thriving city?

I must look to my level 0, they are the future of Dover, if I can make Dover stable and the level 0 are able to lvel up, then it will be the beginning of my plan to build it up to a Thriving City.

7) What made you decide to run as mayor?

I felt that the other Candidates were not the best option for Dover, it being the new colony and all. I felt that I could do a better job with my experience's in SevenOaks under the wise Mayorship of the Zulu Lords and Mi'Lady Vaness.

Cool Do you feel that you being a priest is going to interfere with your mayoral duties?

Not at all, I am part of the RP Priesthood for now, and RP is what this game is.

9) What political party backed you in your campaign for election?

The Imperial Senate backed me as a political party. The Imperial Army backed me as a GOAS. The Zulu Lords also gave me their support as did the Church.

10) How do you plan on attracting tourism to Dover?

As a Fishing Town and a Gold Mine, I am hoping that people will come to fish and mine, however I think that most will come for the crossing to france. We have a Forum and a Website being built and we have some nice places in Dover, however I cant say more untill everything is built and ready so untill then, you'll have to wait and see ;)

11) Are you planning on running for another term as mayor after this one?

Yes, only if I do a good job.

12) What are your current views and opinions on the county market?

It is impossible to sell on, making all towns impossible to get money in an emergency.

13) How do you plan on making the market stable and free from price gouging?

A Market inspector, I have many idea and plans, some of which still need to be brought up to the Town Council.

14) What are your views on the current Sussex Laws and how do you plan on working with the council to make sure that those
laws are maintained by everyone?

Well they are ok if a bit restricting, I mean restricting free will and thought is a bit too much. Also I have not had any contact with the Council, and it was only after I went public that the Council did something for Dover, I fear that my being in the Imperial Army is seperating me from them because they are jealouse. However my Sherrif will maintain the laws.

by Mike1981


Bizarre and Bold Dealings in Dover

The new city of Dover has a mayor taking odd steps to jumpstart the new ecomony. As the new mayor, Dragonflame stridently expresses the people of Dover to buy from the Town Hall's market, the current prices there are well over typical price. The prices include: hides listed at 20,00 and bottles of milk at 15,00. A local miller even exclaims "The town is auto buying flour at 16.00, and buying wheat at 14.00. Then the mayor puts in his mayor's message to the town that we could use a few more millers. At those prices a day working in my mill would cost me 20.00."

Should this new strategy work, it will surely catch on everywhere.

by Whit


Another Cord Pulling Contest

The annual cord pulling contest took place for the past 2 weeks. Townspeople immediatly began pulling on that cord trying to win the gold for thier town. Victory goes to Southampton with twenty-three percent, second place goes to Arundel with sixteen percent and third place goes to Sevenoaks with fifteen percent. A total of ninety-two people voted.

by DariusFarlenz


Baske of Lewes is selling a field for 500

Thank you for reading!
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The Herald (13/12/05)
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