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 The Herald (13/11/05)

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PostSubject: The Herald (13/11/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:36


Good Morning! Today is, Sunday November 13th, 1453
Edition V


We will make a huge enhancement with the introduction of the church in the game! There will also be new types of level 1, 2 & 3 jobs.

For the Church - a monastery that will be like a town but just for the monks with a chapel and a rectory. Also for the Church, there will be a hierarchy with bishops, archbishops as well as other positions.

A new culture and production for the level 1 & 2 "Monks" : hops, books, beer!

There will be different churches with different ideas - that will have to compete with each other and take power. Added to this will be a high dependance between State and Church. Other aspects of the Church are denomination, absolution, baptism, other sacraments as well as proselytism.

Tieing into the new Church are two new player characteristics (faith points and sin points) for all characters...

It will be coming soon, expect it at the end of the month!

As reported to Whit by King Long John Silver


Sevare in a LANDSLIDE!

New Mayor Sevare of Arundel beats Lokdar by an astounding 69.6% to 30.4% in the run-off election for Mayorship of Arundel. The original election had Lokdar and Sevare as the two highest vote getters, with UrShak in third. Shortly afterwards, UrShak inexplicably left for France. The election devate, which was poisoned by accusations by nearly everyone of nearly everyone of nearly everything imaginable was finally restored to dignity by former Mayor Chamchikc moderating the discussion. In the end the final two candidates acted as proper mayors-to-be. In comment by the new Mayor Sevare he mentioned: "All i know is despite affiliations, we are all working together to continue the prosperity of Arundel."

The Herald is unaware of any other mayoral election in recent times that has been so one sided.

by Whit

Kilith found Guilty of Slavery

Kilith, was formerly charged for slavery for hiring Fallen_angel_133 for 15,00 pounds. The minimum wage set by law for Sussex county is 16 pounds. Kilith, a resident of Lewes, never appeared at court to make a defense pleading.

Judge Nornicorn said in her ruling,
The court has given ample opportunity to the accused to present himself to the court and plead his circumstances. Failure to provide the court with any mitigating circumstances, forces this court to find the defendant guily as charged.

Kilith was fined 10 pounds for slavery and currently faces additional charges for public disorder. Mike1981 said this in the indictiment
You are hereby being charged with contempt of court int he trial of Sussex County Vs. Kilith in regards to the case of slavery. you are being charged with contempt as you have failed to show up for trial and have wasted the court's time.

As of press time, Kilith has yet to appear in court to present a defense and is unavailable for comment.

by Lorudce

Lord Jones wins Marlborough

In a run-off between the two highest vote getters - Lord Jones and incumbant Trontor - Lord Jones the mayoral election. The new village of Marlborough - wracked by economic confusion will see its second mayor in as many elections.

The new Mayor immediately has gotten to work on increasing the town's coffers by encouraging his citizens to buy from the Town Hall's market, instead of the Player's Market - which is somewhat stagnant due to the high merchant to consumer ratio.

by Staff

Prosecutor's Report

Sussex County Vs. Kilith in the charge of slavery. Kilith has not appeared before the court.--GUILTY

Sussex County Vs. Kilith in the charge of contempt of court as Kilith has yet failed to apepar in court for the charge of slavery.

Sussex County Vs. Odette_fenouil speaking French in a public place....discharged

Sussex County Vs. Pignouf speaking french in a public place.... discharged

by Mike1981

Pathus Runs Again, Lord LED enters for the first time

Pathus, whom lost to Baiboe by 20% in the previous mayoral elections of Salisbury has announced he will run again. In his platform statement, the leader of the political group - Imperial Senate said this:


Our main problem is that we do not have enough level 2 players. We don’t have the clothing needed to get players to level 2, and we are lacking certain items like buckets despite the best efforts of our current blacksmiths and weavers. Level 2 players also tend to be more likely to run two farms, which means again increased production. Also players who make it to level 2 are far less likely to become inactive within the game.

So, I propose a new system of loaning within the town and it’s trusted citizens. Through allowing some players to advance faster, we can increase our number of level 2’s while making the game fun and more interesting which will keep an occasional player or two whom would have otherwise left us.

I can promise you something very few other political organizations can—activity. Test it out. E-mail me. I bet you cannot e-mail me without receiving a response in less than 12 hours. That isn’t an empty promise, and that is the most important thing a mayor can offer.


I too am a member of the Sussex Shield, and have in the past been a successful defense attorney for friends. I have experience, and I will represent the members of my town for free.

The criminal element? I can give you a promise no other party or my candidate can give. If our town is threatened by criminals the Imperial Army will be right here to save us. We have many citizens who are already members of the Imperial Army. We are coordinating our efforts to feed and arm these citizens, and train them for efficiency. These are the loyal men and women who keep you safe, and they support the Imperial Senate so that we can keep you and everyone else in Sussex as safe as possible."

This will be Lord LED's first attempt at political office. He is a member of The Citizens Union of Sussex. His official statment is as follows:

"Greetings Good Citizens of Salisbury,


If elected Mayor I will make building the town hall store of goods one of my top priorities. This is vital to making sure that there is food in the hands of every citizen from the lowliest peasant to the richest noble. I am also determined to increase trade amongst other towns in Sussex. This can be accomplished by working with other mayors whose towns have surpluses of goods we need. Wood is a very precious resource which we are lucky enough to have in this town and it is my goal to raise the wood production in Salisbury so that we can trade whatever excess wood we have in order to increase the pounds in the town coffers. This will put money in the pockets of the lumberjacks as well as the blacksmiths who forge the axes and the carpenters who make the shafts. Another problem which I shall solve is over-priced items that muck up our markets. Although most veteran players know not to buy these items most new guys do not. It will be my goal to prosecute those who purposely sell criminally priced items to new and unknowing players.

Social Aspects of Life:

Seeing as how I am a member of the New Members Mentoring Guilds I believe that it is necessary for these new citizens to receive support from the town. I will write letters to every new member outlining both the laws and what they should do in order to prosper and move up to level one. Another goal of mine is to try and get more players active in the forums where the majority of the game is actually played. I also wish to increase the number of citizens who frequent taverns by making the prices of the Town tavern higher so that the tavern owners can lower their prices. In result more people will visit these taverns and discuss issues pertaining to the daily life of an average citizen. This will surely keep more new people as well as veteran citizens interested in the game. The more new players and new fields we have will to a higher production yield and ultimately will lead to better lives for all of the citizens of this marvelous town.


For those who do not know I am a member of the Sussex Shield a group whose goal is to make sure every citizen in Sussex is given a fair trial. I will make sure that justice reaches out to every citizen. If ever convicted of a crime send me a letter and I promise to represent you and attempt to clear your name for no cost.
A matter of great concern to me is criminals robbing our town so I will work with the Intelligence Departments of the Sussex protection agencies in order to prevent any planned attack against the wonderful town of Salisbury. I will also make sure that the town receives the right amount of county and town militia which will also bring more jobs to the town."

Besides an occasional condescending tone by Pathus, both candidates remain as cordial as possible in this sort of race, however it is nearly impossible to hear the two candidates speak with each other due to the constant debating of party-mates of both sides. Almost occuring was the debate's attention completely shifting towards Earl of Sussex Harald Jarl and Trade Minister Darmor. It was a bizarre scene.

On a more positive note, Thelastdahli made a rare appearance to the debate and asked a short series of questions. The crowd was certainly appreciative of the blacksmith's presence, if only for a short time.

by Staff

Two more candidates for Southampton's Mayorship

Lorudce and TonyRC have joined DarkLover in running for the Mayor's office in Southampton.

Lorudce's platform:
"...Now, as a fellow citizen I am asking for you to allow me to serve you as mayor of Southampton. I joined the Citizens Union of Sussex because we, the citizens of Sussex, are the strength of Sussex. Now I am humbled by their trust to endorse me as a mayoral candidate. As a member of CUS, I will have regular contact with Aflac and the CUS council members who will continue to mentor and advise me in this new undertaking.

I plan to continue in the fine traditions established by Aflac.

I will do my utmost to follow Aflac’s example of not having to levy taxes. Through using the commodities of our town, chiefly fish, we can use trade to fund the town’s needs and not have to levy a tax. This keeps your money in your pockets where it will do more good.
I will continue to set the Tavern prices higher than those of our citizens so the people can profit in their chosen profession of tavern owner.
I will work with the producer guilds to help keep production and profits in balance for all products. Education is a strong tool and the guilds can help new farmers and ranchers be the most efficient thus benefiting all of us.

I will continue my work with the New Member’s Mentoring guild and coordinate mentoring for lvl 0 players to help them plot a course to lvl 1. It is especially critical during their first few days in town where their very life can depend upon their choices.
I plan to work to coordinate players of higher levels to continue to help them grow.
Many of the exciting aspects of the kingdom take place on the forums and I would like to see a more active social life there. Through role play, theater, religion, etc, we can fill out the lives which we have chosen.
I will have an open ear to my fellow citizens. I regularly will check my mail and the forums and answer quickly.

I pledge to firmly and fairly uphold the laws of Sussex. Where laws need to be amended, I will represent you to the council and recommend changes. Where new laws need to be written I will propose them to the council."

TonyRC's message:

"Together, I want to propose to you more events.


I assist as much as possible some level 0. Each people who worked for me, received trust point and a mail to thank them and to assist them in there demands. I want to promote that event, via the forum and a mail.

Each new player must be able to eat to his hunger.

City Hall Council:

I will create a council, each guild will be represented in order to assist new player. I will create some RP job as: Guild Representing, Captain of Southampton and Counsel People

- Guild representing will assist you in the best production and price
- Counsel People will listen to people in order to satisfy your needs
- Captain of Southampton will defend Southampton and determine the number of military in the town.


Everyone can practise in religion; we have to be respectful of our neighbours.


Our justice needs to be firm and tough. Slavers, Robbers will be prosecuted, as well as rebellions.


I assisted Duchies and City hall in France in order to solved-problem for the overproduction. I create a management program in order to fight it. I will do it for Southampton.

I will put the price of automatic purchasing for the City hall, but the market has to be free, I will never influence it except for monopolistic case for bread and when the economy is in overproduction.

I must fight the overproduction. However if I have to tax activities, each pound of taxes will be transfert in the economy via craftsmen goods city hall purchasing in order to decrease the price of food.

I wish to develop an important trade market with others towns inside and outside the Duchy."

Both respectable men are newcomers to the politcal scene, unlike their opponent Darklover, who has previously run for mayor in Southampton without success, as well as served as Belzebar's Economic Advisor during the rebellion.

by Whit
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Number of posts : 433
Registration date : 2005-11-12

PostSubject: Re: The Herald (13/11/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:36


by Baiboe


Trade Minister's report - Miracle Economy in Wake of Election

Not forty-eight hours ago Marlborough was is pretty dire straits. With a lack of equipment to fell trees, prices on the rise, and and a market deficit, the situation was looking fairly hopeless in the new hamlet nestled in the north of Sussex.

Today, citizens would not recognize Marlborough. The transformation has been remarkable. Reports Mayor Lord Jones, the newly elected town official, "Yesterday there were no axes to be lent out just hours into the day. It was pretty bad. Today there are still two axes to lend with just nine hours left in the day, and those numbers are only going to get better."

The situation was on the decline under the previous mayor, as citizens threatened to leave because they weren't being supplied with essential goods. "I used money from the sale of county goods to buy what inexpensive goods I could find on the player's market. This enabled me to fill the town hall with fair and cheap goods to help our Level 0/1 players." Today the situation is completely reversed -- not only have the threats to leave stopped, but Marlborough is on the road to attracting new Level 2 settlers.

When a mayor breaks and abuses a town's economy, the road to recovery is neither smooth nor short. Lord Jones has shown, however, that effective leadership can reduce the suffering of the citizens and set things on the path to repair.

by Darmor


Letters to the Editor

a few changes in your papers are required:

A list we obtained from an anonymous source said members of this secret group include Pathus and Lokdar (both of IS)

Dark Devil (Hells Masters) and of course Don Lord_Aisle himself are listed in La Cosa Nostra.

~Don Asile~

Q&A with Trade Minister Darmor, part I

Whit: What specific resources or products are in short supply in specific towns, and globally across Sussex?

Darmor: The fish shortage is pandemic -- only fishing towns are getting their supply. Fortunately, both Zymurge and Aflac have had great success in increasing their production, and they've actually been able to sell Fish to the County Fair. Towns have taken advantage of this already.

Whit: What is your plan to alleviate shortages in each specific town?

Darmor: We've been negotiating a trade deal with a few counties to provide us with fish for the interim. Plans are already in the works, however, to make Sussex self-sustainable as regards fish production.

Whit: County exclusive properties, such as iron and steel - how much of it in your estimation is being purchased by merchants, prospectors and other frenchmen/women, that do not keep this resource within Sussex?

Darmor: Because we are very rigorous about the sale of iron, I would estimate that not more than 50 units have escaped Sussex, perhaps less. Stone and steel are never sold to towns, so there is little chance for it to be lost. There have been no such losses.

Whit: Since your switching of parties, have you noticed a change in attitude in your CUS council mates? Kort?

Darmor:KoRT recognizes that my political affiliation has nothing to do with my job. Baiboe and I enjoy an amazing relationship as Mayor and Trade Minister, even though my party has a candidate to run against him. Members of CUS, including our current Count, have obviously expressed dissatisfaction with my choice of political alignment.

I feel like CUS has lost some of its vision and dignity -- there was a time when CUS would have welcomed cooperation regardless from which party it came, recognizing that all good works committed for the benefit of Sussex are of value. It's a shame -- members of CUS have even talked about removing me from my position over this. I honestly hope that CUS can recapture the cooperative energy it had in the past, but to be honest, it's not looking good.

Whit: Can you list some specific profession openings that each town needs?

Darmor: Carpenters and weavers -- EVERYWHERE.

Whit: Last week we had over 1000 counts of half hundred weights of pig carcasses in the county fair. Now that is down by half. Is our meat production dipping? Where is that production going and do you have concerns about it?

Darmor: *sly grin* No, there's been no dip in production. It's higher than ever, in fact. What has changed is how much of it I have on sale. As long as Sussex doesn't dip into the red because of this overproduction, I'm quite fine with holding onto it until it's needed.

Whit: Are you currently stockpiling steel? If so, why?
Darmor: Why yes I am. Steel is an incredibly valuable commodity. The recent invention of the blast furnace has allowed any smith to make it, and I hope to allow our economy to ride this product to heightened production and security. We're likely to have plowshares, eventually, and they'll certainly be made of steel.

Whit: Corn prices still vary greatly. They range from 3.70 to 4.20. This is a large and disturbing range for a product that can be grown anywhere.
Darmor: What is your plan to even the prices out? (Do you think evening the price of corn out is necessary?)
The variety in corn prices is fine -- as a bottom-level production, it does little to influence the prices of other goods. Additionally, this affords mayors the opportunity to purchase exceptionally cheap corn for resale, which lets them pad their expenses a bit. It's costly to run a town.

by Whit


The town drunk was brought to court. Just before the trial, there was a commotion in the gallery. The judge pounded the gavel on his bench and shouted, “Order, order!”
The drunkard immediately responded, “Thank you, your Honour. I’ll have a scotch and soda.”

by BossMustang


Rhiannon becomes new CotOW leader

Hot off the press! Rhiannon has stepped up to the task of the Church of the Old Ways leader!

When she was handed this responsibility she became the youngest leader in the Church's history.
She was quoted as saying, "I am glad you have the confidence in me - I wish everyone did. I will do my best to follow Mystic's lead"

While young, this repoter has noted her history of dedicated involvement with the community, and hopes the best for her. The Church of the Old Ways has been virtually inactive since the sudden and unexpected death of it's former leader Mysticshopgirl.

We wish Rhiannon well in her new charge.
by Nordicnorn



Thank you for reading!
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The Herald (13/11/05)
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