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 The Herald (09/11/05)

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PostSubject: The Herald (09/11/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:35


Good Morning! Today is, Wednesday November 9th, 1453
Second Edition


Zymurge - Not Guilty!

Saying that Zymurge, mayor of Lewes, “acted appropriately to remedy the situation and purchased this corn, putting valuable pounds back in the hands of the townspeople”, Judge Nordicnorn found the defendant, Mayor Zymurge, to be not guilty.

In an interview, Zymurge repeated his defense pleading in which he called the charges "slander" and defended his actions by saying “We have a glut of corn on the markets. I've tried to offload that by buying the corn under a certain threshold based on the quantities and price ranges seen on the market. This is to prevent the corn farmers from tying up too much of their cash, and also to prevent a freefall on the corn prices in the town...Apparently I bought corn at 3,75 while leaving behind a total of 44 bushels at a lower price!”

The judge agreed that Zymurge was carrying out his duties as mayor by purchasing some of the glut of corn and reselling it to the county. Judge Nordicnorn went on to say “This court does not wish to interfere with Mayors' rights to purchase goods from their own townspeople to resell to the county.”

Zymurge stopped on the way out of the courthouse and delivered this passionate speech: “As fully expected, this baseless case against me was dismissed due to lack of grounds. The Honorable Judge Nordicnorn has proven that I not only was not involved in profiteering but was acting with the best interest of the town of Lewes in mind.

What I (perhaps naively) did not expect was the partisan support for this character defamation endeavor by the Public Prosecution office and the pilings on of CUS support against my counter-suit. I expected justice to be ruled fairly and evenly across all citizens of Sussex.

For background, I levied a counter-suit against Emunah, the person responsible for dropping the false charges against me. I was, and still am, fully prepared to demonstrate a prior effort to undermine my character by this individual, and a follow up with this accusation against me as means to augment his failing debating skills. Instead of this accusation being given fair and due processing by the Public Prosecution, instead the issue was debated publicly -- and not coincidentally only defended by CUS members -- and the Prosecutor has apparently followed his demonstrated partisan ties by not pursuing my suit while blindly pursuing the case against me.

This does call into question the qualifications of the chosen official for this office, does it not?

I urge all of the citizens of Sussex to research these actions and decide for yourselves what you see. If you feel that the people are being slighted, then I urge you to write to your Council members and post your opinions publicly. The thread is available here for all to see:

In closing, I thank all of those that have individually voiced their support for me in this debacle. I remind you all that the Council is here to serve us, but can only do this by letting them know of our opinions.”

The Herald has conducted a poll of the citizens of Sussex and the majority (59%) agrees that justice has been served by Judge Nordicnorn's ruling.

Yes! 57% [ 26 ]
No! 31% [ 14 ]
Undecided~ 11% [ 5 ]

The Citizens Union of Sussex had this to say: “The Citizens Union of Sussex is a group of human beings that believes that every player is equal and should be treated as an equal. We do not feel that they are to be caught up in the electric fence of learning and destroyed, neither do we believe that we are to give them a hand out either. We are here to give them a hand up to become active players. We further believe that growth and cooperation are the sweat and tears that make this kingdom great. Along the way to becoming the best organization to represent the needs and concerns of the people we need to stumble and fall. No organization can be built with out humiliation and humbleness. We are human beings just like you, we are you.”

Mayor Zymurge has called for a suit to be brought against Emunah, the prosecution's main witness who first reported the corn buying by Town Hall. At this time no charges have been filed and many discussions can be overheard in the streets about the need or lack of need for a civil trial court where parties can directly sue one other.

The Mayor conducted his own poll of the people about his countersuit.
Was the case brought against Zymurge legitimate or was it intentional slander?
The case was legit 58% [ 18 ]
The case was intentional slander 25% [ 8 ]
The case may have been legit but should not have been approved by the Prosecutor 16% [ 5 ]

Judge Nordicnorn put both of the cases and the debate: “The fact that you don't agree with my ruling is fine. It simply did not meet the element of the crime:

Whosoever shall attempt to manipulate any market in the County of Sussex, for their own purposes and attempt to destroy, either for greed or malice, the economy of the County of Sussex, shall face a competent tribunal for the crime of Swindling/Confidence Racket.

The prosecutor is not my son, as has been implied. Nor would I ever guarantee a verdict to any one at anytime. If that is the kind of judge you wish, be careful what you wish for. That road leads to despotism and a land ruled by the fool of a judge who is the puppet of the ruling party (I am neither a fool or a puppet). Then of course, we could always abolish the judicial system and replace it with mob hangings.”

On a related note, several are calling for a civil court system where players can sue each other rather than all things going to the criminal court. The Herald asks Judge Nordicnorn her opinion on this idea and she said: “Well, I have some doubts about the ability to enforce the sentence of such a trial. Until the King says that we can have it and can even appoint a civil judge, I would have to say I do not support it right now.

It would just not be practical. Although I wish there was some way to redress civil problems. Until then one will just have to take it up in the court of popular opinion (i.e. the forum)”

With both The Herald's and the mayor's polls showing the people supporting bringing charges and with Judge Nordicnorn's ruling, this issue seems to be resolved. Keep reading The Herald for the latest news.

by Lorudce

Arundel Elections Heat up, while Marlboro remains civil.

As we dive deeper into the mayoral elections of the city of Arundel, emotions run higher between candidates – causing the moderators of the debate to temporarily shut them down and give warnings on multiple occasions. Accusations of UrShak being a criminal and Lokdar lying about his qualifications are predominant.

In opposition, the new village of Marlboro has witnessed a very cordial form of debate between its candidates for mayor. In fact, one could draw from the elections that should either incumbent mayor Trontor lose or challenger Lord Jones lose – they would work together in making this new town better, rather than to continue fighting like what has been implied in Arundel. Nataniel, a loud supporter for Lord Jones has been somewhat abrasive in his comments from the crowd, but they have been largely ignored. Devilson, a third candidate has declined any participation in the town’s debates.

by Whit

Crime Dropping across Sussex!

The Prosecutor is very pleased to announce that reported cases of slavery are on a decline. The Prosecutor thanks everyone for their cooperation with this. "I have had only one case of slavery in the past two weeks. I will comment on the case after it is out of trial." The Prosecutor is also pleased to announce that the Red Rose has started a Town Watch to monitor tavern conversations for language violations. Thanks to the military department of the Red Rose. All citizens are urged to notify the Prosecutor immediately if they see anything suspicious occurring in their neighborhood.

by Mike1981

La Cosa Nostra Arrives in Sussex

Recently a new group calling itself La Cosa Nostra was announced by Lord_Asile when he said the following: “Were a sort of mafia but we follow rules better then your average hells masters...”

This led The Herald to ask some questions which we knew our readers would want to know. Lord Asile, the Don, was kind enough to take time to answer us.

The Herald: What exactly is La Cosa Nostra? Are you a military, political, or some other type of organization?
Don Asile: We are not military or political we’re pure profit...

The Herald: How many members do you currently have?
Don Asile: 12 and our forums are currently developing.

The Herald: Is your membership open to people from all groups/organizations and are there any requirements for membership we should be aware of?

Don Asile: We take all levels but we don’t accept people from other military/ and or political groups...it clouds judgment.

The Herald: Are you open to receiving new members at this time?
Don Asile: Yes we’re invitation only you send me a message asking to join we vote then we say yes or no.

While Don Asile was gracious enough to answer our questions, some of his answers don’t quite seem to fit other facts we have uncovered. Specifically, Don Asile told The Herald that people from other military/political organizations were not accepted. However, The Herald’s sources have seen several who have political ties entering the Don’s establishment. A list we obtained from an anonymous source said members of this secret group include Pathus and Lokdar (both of IS), Dark Devil (Hells Masters) and of course Don Lord_Aisle himself are listed in La Cosa Nostra.

by Lorudce

Trade Minister Defects!

Darmor, formerly a high ranking member of the Citizen’s Union of Sussex has issued a blistering statement in his first public appearance since he changed parties to Imperial Senate: “How many of us remember what CUS was like when it was new? Do you remember how active it was? How vibrant, and filled with posts and ideas and debate? Do you remember what it was like to feel as though you're a part of a movement? To feel like you could make a difference? Younger players may not remember, but I do. I was one of two founding members of CUS.

The CUS I founded isn't today's CUS. Today's CUS is filled with... well, it's not sweet crème filling, I can tell you that. Today's CUS has more than its share of vitriol. The leader of CUS has shouted me down in CUS' chambers. There's speculation as to whether the Public Prosecutor and another council member were in collusion to discredit a non-CUS mayor. There's even speculation about whether the Public Prosecutor is protecting that council member from treason charges.

No government has ever been perfect on the first try. Nor any political party. New parties rise and fall, each with the hope of forming a slightly more perfect union…I can honestly say that I've found the party for me.”

Comments from Darmor and an official CUS statement were not answered.

by Staff

Link between new criminal organization and the Imperial Senate denied.

Is the Imperial Senate really working with criminals? Our interview with Pathus, Emperor of the Imperial Senate strongly denies a link with "La Costra Nostra".

Pathus, Emperor of the Imperial Senate says:
"La Costra (sic) Nostra was originally the Imperial Army forums, which Lord Asile changed after his removal. He attempted to frame us as criminals publicly, as you may have seen previously and ending up making himself look like an idiot."

by Staff

Darklover runs for Mayor of Southampton

Darklover, defeated mayoral candidate who recently returned to Southampton, announced intentions to run for mayor of Southampton again. Citing overpriced meals in the taverns, too low of pay for jobs, and a claim that mayor Aflac has done nothing to change these conditions, Darklover once again announces his candidacy for mayor of Southampton. Darklover again promises to find jobs “appropriate to” each citizen, to work to keep inflation and deflation from occurring in the market, “exploiting” the fish, and setting wages for various professions. Darklover also has stated a desire to raise wages for the militia and mines, and to improve the culture of Southampton through plays and contests. He further wants to establish an official translator to help create better commercial bonds.

Darklover was one of the three candidates for mayor in Southampton's last election and was defeated by the incumbent, Aflac. The votes last time were Aflac : 57.1%, DarkLover : 39.3%, and Lord_asile : 3.6%. Darklover is also known for being charged for breaking the laws of Sussex 3 times and was found guilty once for public disorder.

At press time, Darklover is the only candidate to officially declare his candidacy for the election which will take place in 13 days.

by Lorudce


Trade Minister's Report

The county finances are in excellent condition. Towns have made steady progress toward completing their goals of increasing the Level 2 player population following a two thousand pound grant for each of them from the county treasury.

The county has begun converting its stock of iron ore into steel in the event that defense of the county is necessary. The county has immense stores of corn and bread to supply towns in the event of famine. The Trade Minister's current projects include cultivation of boat and fish production to fix a county-wide lack of intelligence-raising foods.

by Darmor
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Number of posts : 433
Registration date : 2005-11-12

PostSubject: Re: The Herald (09/11/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:36


Q&A with two of Arundel’s Mayoral Candidates

The Herald has decided to give equal time to UrShak and Lokdar this week due to the heavy coverage of Sevare in the previous edition.

Whit: What advantages would you say you have in being a member of IS?
Lokdar: There are both advantages and disadvantages to being associated with a political organization. On one side, yes, being in IS does give me somewhat of an advantage -- I'm in constant contact with other great leaders and politicians such as Zymurge and Pathus, I have the support of the Imperial Army members within the town, and I will most likely have the support of other political allies of IS because of my association with IS.

But there are disadvantages as well. Some people simply don't like IS and what it stands for, and would thus vote against me no matter how good of a candidate I may or may not be. Others may believe that just because I'm a part of a political organization, that I have a political agenda in Arundel... and that it would be "better" to vote for an independent candidate because they are supposedly less likely to have a political agenda.

Whit: What makes you a better candidate than the others?
Lokdar: Unlike many other Mayors, I have the time and the ambition to lead Arundel towards greatness. I will not simply govern Arundel independently; I will work with the citizens of Arundel, the Council, and even the King himself to bring about a greater economy and stability in Arundel. As I have done with the Imperial Senate, I shall do the same with Arundel. Basically, I believe I naturally have that "umph" to take things a step further than anyone else would.

Whit: UrShak has been alleged to be a member in criminal organizations in the past. Should he win the mayoral race, how do you think this would affect the good city of Arundel, if at all?
Lokdar: I have heard of these accusations, and really do believe them myself. Although on the outside, UrShak looks like an honest and decent man, I am unsure of what he thinks about and plots when no one is looking. He is a very shady character and I do not think that I would trust him, at least to be a mayor. Although I may sound biased -- since we are running against each other for Mayor of Arundel -- I have had these feelings about UrShak for a long time now. You can even ask Pathus -- I didn't even want to let him into IA for the short time that he managed to stay in.

Whit: Additionally?
Lokdar: I'm truly quite distressed at how low my opponents have stooped to try and gain the advantage in this election; they've gone as low as the American politicians do come election time, if not worse. Instead of presenting or debating economic plans or strategies, they went straight to attacking my integrity, claiming that I am some terrible liar and oppressor. If they spent nearly as much time and effort into actually working for the betterment of Arundel's economy as they have into attacking my integrity, just imagine what they could accomplish! But I suppose that would be too much to ask of a candidate for the mayorship of Arundel... wouldn't it?

Whit: How do you explain your membership in alleged criminal organizations such as Hell's Masters and Illuminatti?
UrShak: I'm no more active in HM, and the Illuminati, well actually they are not an evil organization (sic), more our saviours (sic)... but they're not active. Evil and chaos are just tools they use...

Whit: Do you think a man such as yourself, who has walked with Satan not too long ago is fit for a mayoral position? Why do you suggest you will not relapse into evil?
UrShak: Satan, no... you should look at the church of Arundel topic

**for reference, in that topic UrShak indeed admits he was an evil man, worshipping Satan, but has since changed his colors. He however hasn’t explained the point in question. - Editor

Whit: What makes you a better candidate than your opponents?
UrShak: I'm with CUS and I don't want a free market system like Lokdar, I've been helping new players for the last month, I'm loyal and honest, and I don't talk about things I can't achieve.

by Whit


In an ancient monastery in a faraway place, a new monk arrived to join his brothers in copying books and scrolls in the monastery's scriptorium.
He was assigned to be a replicator of books that had already been copied by the other monks.
One day, he asked Father Florian (the rather ancient head of the scriptorium), "Does not the copying by hand of other copies allow for error? How do we know we are not copying the mistakes of someone else? Are they ever checked against the original?"
Fr. Florian was taken aback by the observation of this youthful monk. "A very good point, my son. I will take one of the latest books down to the vault and compare it against the original. Fr. Florian went down to the vault and began his verification.
After a day had passed, the monks began to worry and went down looking for the old priest. They were sure something must have happened. As they approached the vault, they heard crying.
When they opened the door, they found Fr. Florian sobbing over the new copy and the original ancient book, both of which were opened before him on the table. It was obvious to all that the poor man had been crying his heart out for a long time.
"What is the problem, Reverend Father?" asked one of the monks.
"Oh, my God, my God," sobbed the priest. "In the ancient book of the sacred rites of priesthood... the word is "CELEBRATE" !!!


Darmor, current Sussex County Trade Minister has been appointed Bishop of Sussex. There have also been reports that Dragonflame and UrShak have been appointed Cardinals of Sussex as well. These reports cannot be confirmed due to the nebulous nature of their organizations and unwillingness of a Church official to give a statement.

by Staff


Sussex Shield
The One, the Only, and the BEST Defense Solution You Need. Being Accused of a crime you didn’t Commit? Fear No More as One of Our Defense Lawyers Might be able to Save You! Specialized Lawyers In any Field of Defense you Need in Sussex.

Thank you for reading!
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The Herald (09/11/05)
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