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 The Herald (23/10/05)

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PostSubject: The Herald (23/10/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:33


Good Morning! Today is, Sunday October 23rd, 1450


The New Council and their positions have been announced:

The Council
Darmor (Trade Minister)
HaraldJarl (Count)
Nordicnorn (Judge)
Aflac (Captain)
Mike1981 (Public Prosecutor)
Emunah (Sergeant)
Iulius_catullus (Spokesman)
Thelastdhali (Sheriff)
BossMustang (Constable)

by Lorudce

Aflac Re-elected as Mayor of Southampton for third term

Aflac won re-election as mayor in a race that saw the near death of one candidate, the conviction of another candidate, and a run off election. The final ballots are counted and here are the results.

1. Aflac : 57.1%
2. DarkLover : 39.3%
3. Lord_asile : 3.6%

His honor had this to say,
Thanks to all people who voted in the last elections. A tight race it was! Thanks to my opponents. I will do my best to ensure that we become even more prosperous.

Aflac immediately jumped in and started helping level 0 players by pointing them in the right direction.

by Lorudce

Pathus announces his candidacy for mayor of Salisbury.

Pathus – the Imperial Senate faction leader, successful defense attorney and cattle rancher has announced his candidacy for Salisbury mayor. Pathus and his organization employs a free market style economic policy and recommendations for harsher punishment for other, more serious crimes.

He also advocates the use of the Imperial Army, an organized army under the command of the Imperial Senate to develop trade routes and protecting Sussex from foreign invaders by making elections the same time for all towns.

The current mayor Baiboe graciously accepted the challenge and noted “I think this town will be in good hands, whoever wins this time.”

Both current candidates have opened a public forum in the town hall where the citizens can ask more specific questions about their policies. Voting has already started and will continue until Monday.

by Whit

Mysticshopgirl Found Dead!

Mysticshopgirl, High priestess of the Church of the Old Ways was found dead in her bead in Southampton. It is rumored that there may have been the motive of robbery, and that Darkdevil was involved, but that has not been established yet.
There was sign of forced entry from a broken window, and yet no signs of a struggle. Investigation ongoing.

The Church of the Old Ways has not identified a leader as yet and the future of the Church is in question.

by Raine

Carpetbaggers leave – disaster averted?

A scant two days after he lost his election bid for Southhampton’s mayorship, DarkLover has announced that he will leave another town. His announcement: “I leave this town because I follow my friend Belzebar, thanks you to have voted for me in the vote and congratulation to the winner Aflac.”

The couple arrived to Southhampton slightly over one month ago, and Belzebar lead a rebellion of the city of Southhampton, to which an unspecified amount of goods and money were taken. Directly after the successful rebellion, DarkLover had been revealed to be Belzebar’s economic advisor. DarkLover and Belzebar have since been found guilty of three crimes, once including a rebellion mentioned previously.

by Whit


To the citizens of Salisbury:

We are writing you on behalf of the Herald in giving our endorsement to Baiboe, for Salisbury Mayor. This decision was not made without much deliberation, as both candidates appear to contribute to the city of Salisbury a tremendous amount.

This being said, we have thought of a few reasons why Baiboe should remain mayor of your fine city. Firstly, as your mayor admits, it is nearly impossible to see effects of policies so soon after the original election one month ago. Why throw away a mayorship in the middle of his task? One should always see the plan through, unless of course if the city is in complete disarray. Is it? There isn’t a soul in the city that could agree to that statement. See the plan through, grant Baiboe another term. Should he fail at taking care of this great city – find another then.

Secondly, this man has shown the diligence and creativity among other essential skills to be mayor. From his even minded approach to his censor position, to his prudence of saving food in case of dire times, to the experience of running a city like Salisbury, to using current infrastructure instead of creating new organizations to replace them, even to his role as a new player mentor – these are all things his opponent has zero experience in, or disagrees with. What sort of mayor would disagree with saving food in case of emergency?

When was the last time any of you went to the market and wondered where all the food was? When was the last time none of you could find a well paying job? Salisbury doesn’t have these problems, and it is due to the fact that Baiboe is Mayor.

by Editor

Q&A with TheLastDhali:
by Chinahero

CH: "Firstly, let me on behalf of 'The Herald', congratulate you and the KotRT for your success in the Elections"

TLD: TY kind sir.

CH: Mr. Dhali, how do you feel about the way in which the Election was fought?. Do you consider that too much time was spent on derision and avoiding questions, or do you think that that is a legitimate part of 'party politics?

TLD: It was of no benefit to the people, and was a play on the immaturity of a few of players. What I saw was a disturbing barrage of political propaganda.

CH: Now you have been selected to represent Sussex as Sheriff, can you tell the people of Sussex of any new ideas you intend to bring to this position?

TLD: As I was Trade Minister for a period of time (due mainly to the fall out of "Fast_Arrow") I do know of the importance of stone and iron....and how much we really lack in these resources, soon I will start a campaign to hopefully improve the output of the mines.

CH: As of today (Sunday), there are still many members of the Council that have not yet been allocated seats. Can you tell us, is this because of the division of the Council itself, or is this showing, very early in the New Term of the New Council that decisions will be hard to agree upon due to the 'split' House?

TLD: The reason for this is solely based on the fact that after elections it takes two days for a count to be chosen. All players must place a public ballot (known to all members of the council, sent in an in game email) and they choose the next count. CUS and KotRT plan on cooperating to the fullest of our abilities to improve life in Sussex.

CH: Can you tell us how you see the political development of Sussex over the next 60 days, and what is you own, personal view, of the failure of the OPS to field a list?

TLD: I see deep political lines being formed..I think the first wave of formidable political forces will start coming into sway. I think the OPS's inability to form a list is because of the somewhat "stained" reputation of Lady_Vaness. Whether or not it is based on truths, lies, or even half-truths does not reduce the amount of negative publicity she received.

CH: Finally, Mr. Dhali, Council Member for the KotRT, after your public statement that you would quit as a principal of the CUS (a party you are a member of), at the election, it seems that you still are a 'principal member'. how would you answer this in light of the fact that out of the KotRT members that have been elected to Office, as of now (Sunday), you are the ONLY ONE with a confirmed position?

TLD: I was still the "lead moderator" of CUS. I could not unsubscribe as CUS had not replaced me as leader yet..and a leader does not have the ability to unsubscribe, it must be done by LJS. As far as I can tell, it was a sign of goodwill of CUS towards the KotRT. If you wish to no more....ask CUS, how would I know? I am not in Emunah's group.

CH: Thank you for your time Mr. Dhali, goodbye.


Cardinal Louis Aleman (1390-1450)

On Tuesday, Cardinal Louis Aleman was taken to meet The Lord. He had served bishop of Maguelonne, archbishop of Arles and cardinal riest of St Cecilia. He served the Church through the antipope tribulations during the early 1400s.


The opening of MidSummer's Night Theatre !!

The place where allow citizens to watch dramas or even preform their own ones is now opened!! If you have some spare time in a day, why not have a walk inside ? I believe that you will be intrested in those wonderful plays!!


The first of the week should look like this:

Hastings: Partly Cloudy
Seven Oaks: Scattered Showers
Lewes: Partly Cloudy
Arundel: Cloudy
Winchester: Rain
Southhampton: Partly Cloudy
Salisbury: Sunny
Marlboro: Sunny

By mid-week:

Hastings: Rain
Seven Oaks: Partly Cloudy
Lewes: Rain
Arundel: Partly Cloudy
Winchester: Mostly cloudy
Southhampton: Sunny
Salisbury: Partly Cloudy
Marlboro: Partly Cloudy

By the end of the week:

Hastings: Partly cloudy
Seven Oaks: Rain
Lewes: Partly Cloudy
Arundel: Partly Cloudy
Winchester: Rain
Southhampton: Partly Cloudy
Salisbury: Rain
Marlboro: Rain


Southampton is proud to welcome its newest citizen, Brehon. He became a citizen on October 21, 1450 and has bought a farm. He plans to settle down to raise lovely golden corn. Congratulations Brehon!

by Lorduce

Diod has become a citizen of Salisbury Monday, Oct 17,1450. He is now the proud owner of a vegetable field. Congratulations Diod!!

by Emunah

New Leader for New Members Mentoring Guild

Rhiannon has been elected the leader of the New Members Mentoring Guild, as Chamchickc has been busier than usual and is unable to lead efficiently.

by Emunah

Pathus and Whit, both of Salisbury have both purchased second cattle farms and are currently producing milk. This looks to drive milk supply upward in the growing city.

by Staff

Thank you for reading!
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The Herald (23/10/05)
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